Franksville Landscape Design Project

Greenfield Landscaping specializes in transforming spaces into visually stunning and functional environments. Our recent Franksville, WI project is a perfect example of our commitment to high-quality Franksville Landscape Design. 

This extensive residential landscaping project included everything from pergola creation to complete patio overhaul, showcasing our ability to handle complex, multifaceted landscaping tasks.

Landscape Services Provided

Our client required a comprehensive backyard redesign. The scope of work included building a new pergola, removing old concrete patio surfaces, and installing a new stone patio. 

Additionally, we built a round firepit surrounded by a seating wall, laid out a walkway leading to the gate entrance, and enhanced the garden’s aesthetics and privacy with new flower beds and shrubbery, including boxwood and emerald green arborvitae. The entire landscape was edged with Lannon tumbled stone, giving the garden beds a refined finish.

Execution and Timeliness

The project required meticulous planning and execution due to its breadth. Scheduling commenced quickly, with work beginning just one week after our initial consultation, and the entire job was completed within the ambitious timeframe of two weeks. Our team managed to keep the project on track, adapting flexibly as the client expanded the scope with additional elements.

Customer Satisfaction and Referrals

The transformation received outstanding feedback from the client, who was thrilled with the quality, service, and efficient management of the project timeline. Their satisfaction was so high that they requested additional home landscaping services during the ongoing project. This positive response is a testament to our dedication and skill in Franksville landscape design, reinforcing our reputation as a top choice for comprehensive landscaping needs.


This Franksville project underscores our expertise in delivering expansive and detailed Franksville landscape design services. At Greenfield Landscaping, we are committed to creating beautiful, enduring outdoor spaces that meet our clients’ aesthetic and functional needs. If you’re dreaming of a new outdoor space, contact us today to see how we can transform your property.