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Lawn Care

Greenfield Landscaping helps take the worry out of your exterior property maintenance. We are always working to improve our skills and services to pass along that added value to you when we work on your lawn. Not only will we take care of your landscape needs consistently and efficiently, but we also watch for other possible issues on your property before they turn problematic. This can help save you time, money and stress in the long run.

  • Mowing & String Trimming
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Detailed Bed Care & Hand Weeding
  • Topsoil Delivery & Installation
  • Rough & Finish Grading
  • Spring & Fall Clean Up
  • Trimming & Pruning
  • Leaf & Debris Removal
  • Aeration
  • Lawn Renovation
  • Seeding & Sod
  • Fertilization & Weed Control

Greenfield Landscaping Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Program

Round 1 – Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

(March-May) A granular fertilizer is applied evenly to help prevent the establishment of crabgrass in turf. A lawn technician uses soil temperature to plan for timely applications prior to crabgrass germination. Crabgrass germinates after soil temperature reaches about 55° F for 24-48 hours. Dithiopyr (Dimension®) can control crabgrass after it has germinated, unlike most pre-emergent products.

Round 2 – Fertilization and Broadleaf Weed Control

(May-June) A lawn technician applies a slow release granular fertilizer and liquid weed control based on turf needs to coincide with spring growth habits. LESCO’s Momentum controls activity growing annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established turf and is extremely effective at controlling clover.

Round 3 – Broadleaf Weed Control

(July-August) A lawn technician applies weed control to coincide with summer growth habits. Weed control herbicides kill weeds after the plants are up and growing. The herbicide must be absorbed through the leaves. Momentum provides significant dandelion control. Customers may request an additional granular fertilizer application to boost turf growth.

Round 4 – Broadleaf Weed Control

(September-October) Broadleaf weeds continue to surface in late summer months. A liquid broadleaf weed control is applied to coincide with late summer growth habits. Early fall is the best time to control winter annuals and perennial weeds.

Round 5 – Aeration

(Spring and September-October) An aeration removes small plugs of soil to allow air, water, seed and fertilizer to quickly reach the root zone of the grass. An aeration also reduces turf compaction and thatch buildup. Turf will benefit from over seeding after an aeration. We recommend using a starter fertilizer to quickly germinate the seed.

Round 6 – Fall Turf Fertilization

(October-November) The most important fertilizer for your turf. Your lawn has passed through the stressful summer months and needs food to rebuild itself. A lawn technician applies a granular fertilizer that is primarily nitrogen and potassium. The nitrogen is for early spring green up and the potassium reduces winter stress.

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